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'Trapped' Documentary Screening a Success!

On a drizzly Tuesday evening in April, over 70 pro-choice advocates gathered at the West Mall 7 Cinema in Sioux Falls to view Dawn Porter’s documentary film, "Trapped.” The presentation was delivered by a partnership between NARAL Pro-Choice SDPlanned Parenthood SD, and the Augustana Democrats.

"Trapped” follows a handful of clinics providing abortion care that are threatened by new pieces TRAP legislation being passed around from state to state. TRAP legislation is defined as Targeted Regulation of Abortion Providers, and is gaining popularity among anti-choice legislators throughout the country. The film simultaneously follows clinics in Mississippi as well as Whole Woman’s Health clinics in Texas involved with the Supreme Court case Whole Woman’s Health vs. Hellerstedt, and provides a comprehensive explanation of the the legislation threatening to close 2/3rds of the clinics in Texas. "Trapped” also educates viewers on the dangerous implications of the precedent set by this decision; if the court comes down with a 4-4 ruling, the legislation stands, and opens up the possibility for other states to pass equally restrictive laws that could close clinics across America, including the sole clinic that remains open in South Dakota.

The film was impactful, and there was a palpable buzz of affect throughout the theater after the lights came up. Our goal with this film was to inform and inspire our supporters, and based on conversations with attendees following the film, we achieved just that.

To learn more and find a Trapped screening in your area, follow this link! 
NARAL Pro-Choice South Dakota Hires New Staff!

Samantha Spawn joins the NARAL Pro-Choice SD team with a decade of pro-choice activism and years of planning and implementation experience.

"Putting my passion into action for choice and reproductive justice is important to me because this issue impacts everyone. South Dakota wins when everyone has the freedom to choose when and if to start a family."

Ashley Sorensen brings an incredible amount of policy knowledge to NARAL Pro-Choice South Dakota's team. She is a wiz and letter writing, and knows exactly how to craft messages to appeal to a wide variety of followers.

Read why she is eager to work with us!

"I am so excited to work with NARAL Pro-Choice SD because of the organization's persistence in securing human rights for women and families in SD. Having the ability and access to choose is an important issue to me because it has a strong relationship with the future and history of women's oppression."

Adam Jorgensen brings years of experience in membership and volunteer program planning along with some killer social media and networking skills. Here is a little something he had to say about working with NARAL,

"I am so excited to be working with NARAL Pro-Choice SD on this project! Advocating on choice is important to me because I strongly believe that women deserve that basic right, simple as that.”

Join us in welcoming this wonderful band of advocates to our team!

Pro-Choice Canvassing Summit

NARAL Pro-Choice South Dakota, together with NARAL Pro-Choice America and staff from five states across the country, descended upon Sioux Falls over the first weekend in June 2016, for its first-ever activist training. Dozens of reproductive freedom advocates went door-to-door in the city of Sioux Falls June 4 and 5, to identify supporters and incite pro-choice activism in South Dakota.

NARAL Pro-Choice South Dakota Grant Project
We are thrilled to announce our new grant project in partnership with NARAL Pro-Choice America. Together we are building the pro-choice base in South Dakota and educating our communities about the importance of access to safe and legal abortion care. Over the next few months you will see a lot of us in local media, at local events and hosting our own barrage of happenings to further our mission. In lieu of this project, we added to our staff by hiring three new members. Please, join me in welcoming Samantha Spawn, Adam Jorgensen and Ashley Sorensen to our team! 

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