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Things You Can Do

20 Things You Can Do For Choice In South Dakota

  1. Join NARAL Pro-Choice South Dakota's Choice Action Network (CAN) and receive regular updates on reproductive health issues via email. Click here to sign up.
  2. Register to vote and vote pro-choice. For more information on how to register, visit the Secretary of State’s website here.
  3. Tell your legislator to vote against anti-choice bills and vote for bills that improve access to contraceptive coverage and reproductive health services. To find your legislator, click here to visit the SD Legislative website.
  4. Write a letter to the editor urging pro-choice people in your community to support every woman’s reproductive rights. Tips for writing letters to the editor.
  5. Wear a pro-choice button or t-shirt. Ask us about how you can get one!
  6. Learn the difference between Mifeprex (also known as "the abortion pill") and emergency contraception and educate others. Click here to learn more.
  7. Put a pro-choice bumper sticker on your car, in your office,or in the window of your house. Ask us how you can get one!
  8. Make a donation to a pro-choice organization.
  9. Donate to an abortion fund to help low-income women pay for abortion services. Visit the National Network of Abortion Funds for more information.
  10. Become an escort at a local reproductive health clinic.
  11. Go to a pro-choice rally or demonstration, and bring a friend who would not normally attend.
  12. Plan a rally, house party, or other pro-choice event.
  13. Ask your clergyperson or other religious leader about your place of worship’s position on choice.
  14. Ask your local school board members or principal whether the schools in your area teach comprehensive sexuality education.
  15. Run for office on a pro-choice platform.
  16. Volunteer for a pro-choice candidate in your area.
  17. Announce a pro-choice event in your classes, workplace, or place of worship. Then attend and bring a friend who would not normally attend.
  18. Volunteer for NARAL Pro-Choice South Dakota.
  19. Ask your doctor if s/he offers Emergency Contraception and if not, recommend that s/he visit for information on how to start.
  20. Tell 5 friends about the threat facing the right to choose. Then bring them to a NARAL Pro-Choice South Dakota event.

If you have any questions about or need help getting started with any of the above steps that you can take to protect choice, please contact the NARAL Pro-Choice South Dakota office at or 605.334.5065.

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