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Sex Education

When it comes down to it, schools need to educate students with the facts regarding sex education. Teens and young adults need to be equipped with the knowhow and risks of having sex. There are countless reason to wait to engage in sexual activity, however; an abstinent only approach is an embarrassing and fruitless tactic to enforce. Students need to understand how to stay safe and protect themselves from sexually transmitted diseases and unplanned pregnancies. 


South Dakota law does not require schools to teach sexuality education. Instead, the decision is left up to local school boards. However, schools are required to teach "character development instruction, which includes sexual abstinence.

The South Dakota Health Education Standards includes HIV/STD prevention in grades seven through twelve. The state does not require a specific curriculum.

South Dakota does not require parental permission for students to participate in sexuality or HIV/AIDS education nor does it say whether parents or guardians can remove their children from such classes.



Many opponents of choice work to block schools from teaching teens the facts about sex and staying safe.

Our opponents strongly disapprove of education programs that teach teens about birth control. Instead, they support dangerous "abstinence-only" programs.
When teens don't learn the facts, their health is at risk. Today, far too many teens face unintended pregnancy or have a sexually transmitted disease.


Our country needs to make fighting teen pregnancy a priority. The federal government and the states should invest more money in sex-education programs that work.



Know your status and get tested for sexually transmitted diseases at the following locations for free.

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