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Samantha Spawn
Interim Executive Director 
NARAL Pro-Choice South Dakota 
(605) 215 - 7525

NARAL Pro-Choice South Dakota's interim executive director, Samantha Spawn, issued the following statement in response to last night's debate between Paula Hawks and Representative Kristi Noem, candidates for the South Dakota's lone congressional district.

"The contrast between the candidates for South Dakota's lone seat in the US House is clear. Last night, Paula Hawks bravely shared the heartbreaking story of her own rape in the wake of Donald Trump's egregious remarks bragging about sexually assaulting women. Paula Hawks' story underscores the dangers of continuing to support abusers in positions of power. Representative Noem's continued support for Trump, despite his recent comments about women, sends a message to South Dakotans that sexual assault and misogyny will be excused as "locker room talk." South Dakota deserves better than Kristi Noem and she will be held accountable by the voters on election day."

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