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Crisis Pregnancy Centers

Anti-choice groups sometimes refer to them as "pregnancy resource centers.” Many of these centers are fake "clinics” that lure women in and then attempt to dissuade them from considering abortion. They often provide misleading, biased, incomplete, or untruthful information about options for unintended pregnancies. They often use anti-choice propaganda to confuse and misinform women. Many advertise or imply they offer abortion services, but do not.

In South Dakota, "clinics” such as the Alpha Center claim to offer "abortion information,” but provide only information designed to deter women from choosing an abortion, and refuse to counsel women on how and where they can get the procedure done. Other centers, such as Bethany Christian Services, have television ads offering to discuss "all of your options,” but tell women that abortion is "taking a life.”

CPCs In Their Own Words:
"I suppose there was some sense that women were to some degree being misled into believing this was an abortion clinic. We’re concerned with innocent life in the womb. The rationale is to get [women] in there so we can convince them not to have an abortion.” [emphasis added]
-David Trosch, CPC Director, Mademoiselle, June 1995, page 138

"We don’t even give them the pregnancy test until after they have watched the video, seen all the pictures of the dead aborted babies, and had all their counseling. We wait until we have tried our best to save them.”
-CPC recruiter, News & Views, Sept/Oct 1997, pages 1-2

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