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Refusal clauses

Referred to as "conscience” clauses by anti-choice groups. These are laws that allow (depending on the specific type of refusal clause) health-care providers, pharmacists, hospitals, employers, HMOs, and/or insurers to refuse to pay, dispense, provide, or refer for contraception, abortion care, or other medical treatments.

South Dakota law allows all health care providers (as outlined above) to refuse to provide abortion care, contraception (including emergency contraception), or other medical treatments (i.e., tubal ligation).

Many South Dakota women who wish to obtain an abortion already have to drive significant distances, which puts young women and poor women at a disadvantage. When pharmacists refuse to dispense legal medications—even ones that have already been prescribed by her doctor—they put unnecessary burdens in the way.

NARAL Pro-Choice South Dakota respects individual opinions among pharmacists, but strongly feels that those opinions can’t be allowed to get in the way of them doing their jobs.

For information on where emergency contraception can be obtained, click here.

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